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[22 Nov 2009|11:19am]
I work a double today which always takes a lot out of me :/

Christmas is coming and because money's tight this year my family decided to do a secret Santa. I pulled my mommy :D! I plan on going to bath and body works and getting her a Slatkin & Co. candle (Fresh Balsam- smells like christmas trees!) and some yummy brown sugar bath wash.

I need to pay my credit card off, and pay for classes.

I really just want to relax when I get home so I'll probably get some to-go, take a hot bath, and play an RPG video game or something.

Goals for the week:

- Exercise atleast 30 mins a day
- Finally get back to the tennis courts
- Get the secret santa gifts
- Update my LJ more

I really, really want to find a new online community. I really miss the friends and fun I had on DS :/
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[09 Nov 2009|10:47am]
What happened to my friends?
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[09 Nov 2009|01:53am]
Want to:
Make icons
Fix budget
Find a new book to read
Plan my next Disney vacation
Get School settled
Get back on DS v.2
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[03 Nov 2008|09:39pm]
i hate myself.

a lot.
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Work, annoyances, missing [30 Oct 2008|10:40pm]
Let me just start this entry with a little tiny venting so that there will be positive energy the rest of it. I cannot, cannot reach out to you any more. I've already tried, I've already gotten in touch, I text you, comment you, write about you. I can't pump air into a friendship that's empty on the other side. And this makes me really sad. So when you decide in a year or so to come look for me again, read this, and know, I tried. But I'm just tired or trying.

I worked tonight. It was just moderately busy. I worked for 4-9:30 which isn't bad at all. I work tomorrow same, on saturday I work 11:15-10, same on sunday (though I'll probably get off a little earlier) and then on weds 4-10. That's 40 hours in one week. Woot woot. So my next check should atleast have 55 hours on it, which is good because I have to pay off my bridesmaid dress and stuff.

My rainforest project is due tomorrow, school has been so boring lately.

I miss my camera so much.

I really need to get more active. I'm just so tired with school and work lately. Me -and- Mason are going on a diet monday. I just can't do it without him because I always want his food when I'm on a diet. He's being supportive, and that's why I love him :)

Cut for lots of pictures. Not necessary reading, just some hair/makeup/clothes I like/wantCollapse )
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halloween horror nights, nightmare before christmas, psychics [27 Oct 2008|03:08pm]
[ mood | listless ]

Halloween horror nights was exciting. Me and Mason got up at 10 and took showers. Leo and Jordan picked us up at our house at 11ish and we went to pick our checks up. We cashed them in, plus our bucket of change which came out to like $65. Then we all went and got some burger king for lunch before getting on the road. We got to our hotel at about 3 and we all checked in and met up with my sister and her boyfriend too. Then we went to the park and picked our tickets up. We had a few hours to the event so we waited in line for the hulk (for an HOUR >:O the wait time said 30 minutes. LIES.) and then spiderman. After those it was time to cross over. We did every single house and ride. Scary Tales was by far my favorite even though I barely got scared the entire night. The bloody mary house was an epic fail and lasted all of 45 seconds, no joke. It was TERRIBLE. The Bill and Ted show was HILLARIOUS though, I'm so glad we did it. However, like I've said before, I do NOT like hanging out with Leo and Jordan together. He's SO mean to her, and she won't do anything he says she can't. For example, I got my fortune told and Jordan really wanted to but Leo told her she couldn't because HE didn't believe them. Not in a religious way, because he's not religious, but he just doesn't think psychics are real. So what? It wasn't his money.

I'm really enjoying work at Chili's. Yamira and Lisa are my favorite servers, they're so funny and sweet.

Mason took me to see the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D today. I love it. I used to be so obsessed with that movie when I was little my mom hid the VHS so next time it was my dad's weekend I had him buy me a new one >D

I have to save money. :( I'm not good at that at all. AT ALL. BUT I figure I'm going to start taking half of my check and give it to Dacia to save for me. If I put it in my savings account I'm just going to end up spending it.

Right now, I have to get about $150 to pay off the rest of my wedding outfit debt off. Then I have to save about $100 more to get my hair and makeup done that day. Me and Dacia have our fittings not this wednesday but NEXT wednesday. I'm not looking forward to it x_x I feel like I've gained 5-10lbs since we got it. UGH. I'm going to buy some new spanx too. So I guess make that $200 to pay off the debt.

I want to get a credit card just for gas so I can start paying it off. I think I'm going to apply for capital one in a few minutes.

We have ballroom dancing tonight and I'm really excited. Then we MAY go bowling afterwards, but I really don't want to x_x. I love ballroom dancing. Once it's over I want to look for another dancing class we can take. Or maybe a cooking class.

So like I said, at HHN I got my fortune told. I don't think I buy most of it, but here's the jist of what she told me.

1. I'm a very spiritual person. I like to try new things. I value life.

2. One of the people that was in my group gives off negative energy and I need to wash myself with sage and water so that I can get rid of that energy.

3. After I'm done with school she see's me either going to school or a work force that I will succeed in. (which is what most people do, duh.)

4. She knew I lived with my parents and she said two people I was living with were disagreeing on something I was doing but didn't want to say it to me.

5. In March a big change will happen.

6. I need to be careful with my money. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

7. A family member in another state wants to see me, I'll go there for an emergency and want to stay. At the same time I'll want to come back because I have things going for me here.

8. She knew I was in a relationship and said in a past life we were meant for each other. She said that she didn't see us getting married right now but in the future we would.

9. She asked me if I was having problems with my lower stomach and the only thing wrong with my lower stomach is that's where I gain a lot of weight and I'm really unhappy with it, and she said that if I don't take care of the problem with my lower stomach it will lead to back problems.

Ironically when she did my card reading, the card for taking care of your body came up.

Like I said, this lady really wasn't clear on anything she said. It was like reading a horoscope. When I have some money, maybe after christmas I want to go get a different reading because I am really into that stuff.

I've got to get started on a group science project. I'll probably do my entire part tomorrow cause I don't want to let them down. However, I have a feeling I'm going to be doing the entire project. Go figure.

ANDDDD since I can't spend money I'll probably update later with some wishlisting :D it'll make me feel better.

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Photoshop savvy friends, [23 Jul 2008|11:39am]
So my Adobe photoshop 7 is being... weird. I used to be able to open my .psd files and move layers (ex: color layers) onto other icons by clicking the layer and dragging. Well, my adobe doesn't show my history anymore on my psd file, and I can't drag the layer because of that.

Does anyone know how to fix it?
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#'s [22 Jul 2008|11:58pm]
Dear Aubrey, Pammy, and Nocky (if you still exist),

if you guys can still text/accept long distance text message leave me comments with the number.
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Screen Name Roundup [07 Jul 2008|11:03am]
Hey Guys, now that I'm jobless for the next few days at least, I have some time to catch up with my online friends.

Leave me your new screen names, my AIM is deleted so I don't have ANY of them anymore.
I only have my aol sn, remygrl4ever.

miss you guys!
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LOST Friend [21 Mar 2008|04:31pm]
If you have any information, please comment.

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Hi.... [20 Mar 2008|06:38pm]
I'm alive.
How is everyone?
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Late, But What Ever. :D [15 Jun 2007|06:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

My journal is Friends Only k? :D
So comment me, and more likely then not, I'll add you.
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